D-Link router

D-Link routers are one of the best router brands in the world, known for their excellent performance, exceptional speed and amazing internet quality. With a D-Link router, you can surf the Internet as much as you like, watch movies, shop online, and play games without interference.

If you are a lucky owner of a brand-newD-Link router, let me help you set up your router. In addition to the modem and D-Link router, you will need an Ethernet cable, wireless configuration card, and user manual for reference. To get started with your D-Link router, check the steps below.

  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to your modem. Make sure it is properly connected to the WAN port.
  • Connect your computer to the new D-Link network with a wireless or wired connection.
  • Go to a web browser such as Google and enter the correct IP address of your router. • You will be redirected to the router login page. The first time you log in, you must use admin as the username and the password is a space.
  • You can now access the Router Setup Wizard. Click Next to start the setup process.
  • Your router will automatically search for your Internet connection type. If this method fails, you will need to manually enter the connection type.
  • Create an SSID and password. Make sure the password is strong and difficult to guess.
  • Also create a router login. This will be the future login password for the router’s login panel.
  • Select the time zone that suits your current location.Save the successful changes and restart the router for the configuration changes to take effect.
  • The D-Link router is now set up successfully and ready to go.


Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of your D-Link router.

  • Place your router in the central area of ​​your home so that signals can easily reach different rooms and areas of your home.
  • Keep your router off the ground for good signal and connectivity. B. Window frame or table.
  • Do not place the router near electronic devices. The incoming signal may be blocked.
  • Do not connect to too many devices as it will adversely affect the speed and quality of the internet.


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